About Us

STAND Vision & Mission


S – Skills

T – Talents

A – Acceptance

N – Needs

D – Destiny

Every young adult with special needs has Skills and Talents we can develop.

We create an environment of Acceptance, believing their Needs can be met 

in this community, as we enable every individual to realise his or her 

God-given Destiny.

Our History 

In 2011, the STAND production workshop has been receiving consignment work from Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd and QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd. The young adults pack straws for Vitagen and take-away sauce and serviette packs for Kentucky Fried Chicken. They have been doing this work for the past six years. The measly income earned by each person ranges from about RM45 to RM100 per month.

Therefore, we are challenged to take this group of young people into the next phase. We believe that they can be developed and trained to do more than what they are currently doing, so that they may be able to earn a living for themselves. This will build their self-confidence, dignity, and recognition of their potential in contributing to society.

Our Objectives

Our Strategy